About Me

Hi y’all!


How do I describe myself? Not sure there is enough space here…but anyway: I am soon to be 52 (feb 3), that makes me an Aquarian. I am true to my sign, am all over the place and most times am worried more about the state of humanity and futuristic ideals and what could be than living in the present. On the flip side, I can be rather judgemental about folks, but am learning how to be more accepting of others faults, as I expect them to be of mine (do I have any?) 🙂

I am also a Christian, and have just completed 4 years of theological study at the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia. I have been called to a church, and am presently awaiting to be ordained in the Ministry of Word and Sacrament, in the early part of February.


I have been through many trials and tribulations. Am in recovery 18 years and am living with the HIV virus. But God has bought me through. My writings are sometimes spiritual, sometimes funny, sometimes downright outrageous…but they are real, and reflect a real life. I don’t proclaim to be highly religious, or better than anyone. I, above all folks am still a sinner, and will be until God calls me home. However, I will proclaim that God has been an integral part of my life and my growing process.

I believe that Christ Jesus came to serve us all, came and died for us, and is risen in us when we follow his examples.

I hope you will find my stories inspirational and that you will also be a part of my journey. Blessings and Peace!


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