Landscape of my soul … Holy Week 2014

23 April 2014 | By andrena in Church, DatLife, General, grace

“I listen for utterances of your love, O God”

During holy week, a young man was shot 6 times in the leg,
One street over.
Community knows him, I know of him.
We all gathered amidst cop cars and
undercovers , to see what was going on.
We watched the ambulance take him away.

I returned the next day,
To visit him in his house…afraid,
because he is suspect of unsavory behavior.
Knocked on the door, and as I announced myself thru
The cracked door, I heard his voice say
“let her in.”

In the landscape of my soul in the midst of unsavory activity;
in the landscape of my community, there is unspoken fear.
In the landscape of entering that house…

I felt God’s voice
Saying: “do not be afraid, he is still my child”.

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