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When situations arise which are displeasing to me, or hurtful to me, I ALWAYS before speaking take a good long look at myself (personal inventory) to see whether or not my ego is speaking, or if I am responding with my ego. I almost always (to keep the peace) find some way to put it on me…

You know, the “if I hadn’t, if I didn’t, I should’ve”… all those “wudda shudda’s”

I always find some way to bring it all the way back to me…and blame myself for someone else’s hurt.

But you know what? Sometimes I have been and get hurt too! A lot of times, I have been hurt, for real, for real! This is not victim talk…it’s my truth.

It’s all I can do not to sit on the ground and grab my boo-boo, and just rock back and forth crying Ow!!!


It’s real life! Forget about being a ‘person of the cloth’, upon which heaps of feelings are heaped upon us at will. I bleed, I get angry, I hurt just like anybody else. My challenge? To respond appropriately…not accordingly…but appropriately.

I guess as I take pains to ‘reinvent’ myself yet again; I shall respond accordingly. In an appropriate manner.

I can’t go back to the Bronx; I refuse to let you take me there. I look at where I am today, and realize that through it all, my Creator is taking great pains to get me to listen and to elevate me.

It’s a lonely road.  But it’s okay. It’s never stopped me before.

There you are!!!

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I almost had forgotten about this personal blog.  It definitely has gone too long without an entry…

So, as I delete files from my desktop, I shall put them here as drafts and work on them as I am able….

Stay tuned!



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