Sitting on the edge…

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When you wake up early in the morning and sit on the side of your bed like.

When you wake up early in the morning and sit on the side of your bed like.

A few weeks ago, the topic of my women’s group was “How Do You Wake Up and Greet the Day?”…basically talking about how you wake up kinda sets the pace for the day, sets the tone. We need to be very intentional about that.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I wake up with my mind racing a thousand miles a minute, trying to figure out what needs to be taken care of during the day.

Usually, I AM that fox sitting on the chair by the side of the bed, just staring off into space…looking beat up before the day even begins.

Oh God, another day! Ugh!

In our group we spoke about different things to do, to gently ease our way into the day…to take our time…to exhale deeply after a waking up. Other tips:

  • setting your radio alarm clock to some soothing music instead of a blaring sound which startles you into the day.
  • lying in place, and a short meditation, listening to your heartbeat, paying attention to your breath.
  • how about simply taking the time to give thanks for the blessings we have.
  • an inventory of how we would like the day to proceed, visualize some light and love in there somewhere.
  • as we arise, a nice stretch – and even a glass of water.

Those were tips we spoke about to set the tone for our days, to wake up in a healthy state of relaxation and calm.  I ‘reckon’ it to being birthed into a new day!

And then there was this morning.  I awoke, didn’t do any of those suggested things (I know, you have to be very intentional about it, until it becomes natural to do) …

What I did do, is reach for my smartphone to check my emails…and lawd ha’mercy, why did I do that?

Because there was an email that was so rude, and filled with sarcasm, and cute little clever words.  My initial email to this person, simply asked a question.  I read my email over and over to see if there was anything to be misconstrued…no!  At least not from my end.

Now, this person, I gather is very anxious, and nervous, and busy.  I understand that.  I even apologized for sending my query.  There really was no need to “come at my neck like that.

I get so sick and tired of people saying things to me and thinking that I have to just take it.  I find it disrespectful and very unhealthy.  God forbid, I respond “in kind”.

“What’s wrong with her?”

Well, my bad!  I learned a very important lesson this morning.  Along with all the other tips, the first one should and WILL BE from now on, is to save the smart phone and emails until I get downstairs in the office.  I will own that.  I got what I asked for.  No need to be checking emails as soon as I open my eyes.  It has waited all night or at the very best a few hours…

…another hour until I got downstairs would not hurt.

  • I don’t have to wake up with you guys in my head as soon as I open my eyes.
  • I don’t have to breathe in your words and your feelings as the Creator wakes me for another day.
  • I don’t have to invite you into my morning space.

…and I won’t anymore.

btw:  you really ought to take care how you talk to me, and to people in general. 

As You Were…

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“As you were” is a standard military command. It means, literally, “[return] to your previous posture”. Soldiers must snap to a formal “attention” position when an officer enters their presence, and the officer issues this command to indicate they may resume their prior activities”

I was invited to an event last night, that has left such a nasty taste in my mouth and in my spirit. For the sake of the everyone involved, I am not going to name the place. It was a “Valentines Chat and Chew”. I had never been to the place before. I didn’t know any of the women there, we did have a common ground though, which was NOT HIV.

I believe it is important for me to mention that I was in my clerics. I was coming from the office. If I had went upstairs to change my clothes, I would’ve sat down on the bed, switched on the telly and that would’ve been the end of that. I wanted to continue my birth-month celebration, and I wanted to surprise someone who has been begging me to come out. (She actually didn’t make it last night – thanks be to God). Talk about divine providence.

I was very impressed with the hospitality of the director, who asked me to call her when I got outside, because of the different parking lots, which were located side by side. She didn’t want me paying, and actually came outside to point me in the direction of the free parking lot.

The evening began well enough. I felt welcomed and part of the group. A lot of ice-breakers. I could’ve done without all the brain teasers though…my brain is teased enough in ministry, crunching numbers and words. It was a warm group. Many of us also had recovery issues in common, and it was interesting to hear the different brief stories. No war stories…just being able to identify with other women. A lot of laughter, food was okay…we chat and we chewed.
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